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OSSA, the latest contest.

Well, we got a 2. That's right, Choctaw High School got a 2. That's not bad but it's not the best in the entire world. I wouldn't be surprised if the points were deducted because of me. I moved in set twice because of my hat...then I missed a visual completely, and went down when the drumline took that visual out. How was I suppose to know! I was too concerned that my hat would fall off my head!!!
Well, at least someone said "nice drums" to us while we were on the field. Yeah, we have the only natural wood drums in all of the Oklahoma bands. Cool, huh?
Well, I just wanted people of CHS to know what their band made. Hope we do well in OBA this coming Saturday!
Bai bai!
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I doubt they noticed most of that stuff. There's 3 judges and they are up in the press box. Also they are mainly just judging on the music. That's why we didn't take the columns.
but I have a big flashy cymbal! Plus, I heard all the judges were again from in state. What's up with that?
I wonder if one of the judges was the one who was at Putnam City who said he just didn't like our show...
I'll be angry if it was!!!
So would I. That's not how you judge a show, by: I just don't like it. He said we had good music and stuff but that he just didn't like the show, which isn't a right way to judge...