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Marching band went to OBA yesterday and we didn't make finals even though we should have! We marched our show one of the best times and we were up in the top 12 for the longest time then got booted off. I still think we should have made the finals. Well, I'm off right now. Bai bai.
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We beat Memorial, Enid, and Sante Fe...and we had to of beat the monkeys...the crazy, annoying, stupid, ugly monkeys...diediedie...
no offense, but you have a community for people who go to yr school and have ljs. thats so funny. no wonder you need a code to start a community now... (don't take that the wrong way... we started a community over a group of friends, i just think its funny this is named after yr high school)
Hey, I go to Edmond North. We didn't make finals at OBA either. I can't really remember yalls show, but I do agree that the judgeing was messed up at that contest. :-/